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Scan showed on Opal Belfast Linen 32 count (first photo) and 14 count Aida (second photo)
* This color combo only turns out the same on Opal Belfast Fabric as shown in the scan. Hand dyed Fabrics are not colorfast and can take up to 4 weeks to be ready. Color intensity changes according to Fabric count and type. 28 count Lugana dye lightest. 



PriceFrom $29.00
    • Please scroll down WITHIN the Fabric Type/Count option to see all available fabrics.

    • We cannot guarantee 100% color consistency between lots, due to many factors beyond our control (ie dye lots, different batches of "base" fabric, water conditions, etc.). We suggest to purchase all of the fabrics required at the same time.

    • Some shrinkage does occur during processing, sizes listed are approximate.

    • Hand dyed fabrics are not colorfast.

    • Color intensity and shades vary depends on fabric count and type due to the differences in fiber contents.

    • All colors are dyed to order - the dye and set process can take up to 4 weeks days dependent on the color choice and workloads.

    • Computer monitors vary widely, if you have questions regarding fabric colors, feel free to contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.