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Q-snap Premium Project Bag is the ultimate necessity for every stitcher. This bag is hand crafted from high quality cotton and quilt batting to create a sturdy yet soft and elegant body. This reversible bag has a sew-in zipped pouch for stitching accessories and another deep bag to store your Qsnap Project. It can be used in many different ways. This bag stores everything you need for stitching when you’re on the move. It can be unfolded and hung over the arm rest of your stitching sofa or can be folded and kept nicely on your stitching shelf storage.
We currently only offer following sizes (your Qsnap sizes, the overall size of the bag is 2-3" bigger to give you extra space for excess fabric from the project):
8” x 8”, 11” x 11” and 11" x 17"
*Please select the size and fabric of your choice in the drop down menu.
**Please note that the fabric you choose is for the main. Sided bags (zipped pouch and deep bag) will come in the matching pattern or random colors/patterns. We will do our best to match the theme. You can't choose the pattern for the other side of the fabric.
***YOU CAN ALSO CHOOSE TO PURCHASE THIS BAG ALONE OR TOP UP WITH MATCHING GRIME GUARD by choosing "Sleeve + Grime Guard" in the Size and Combo drop down menu within this listing. This bag does not have gusset bottom and therefore does not have wiggle room for excess fabrics.

*This bag is made to order and does not include stitching accessories or Q-snap frame. Picture is for illustration purpose only.

CUSTOM Qsnap Reversible Project Bag

PriceFrom $45.00

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