Adjustable Scroll Rod Side bar Tension Clips

Adjustable Scroll Rod Side bar Tension Clips


This listing is for a set of Adjustable Scroll Rod Side bar Tension Clips. Each individual tension comes with charms (random) and clip sorter.

These Tension Clips are made to tighten the fabrics on both side of your scroll frames. Made from small clips and elastic cord, just clip the teeth to your fabric edge (non-stitched area), loop the clipped end of the elastic around the side bar and run through the loop end of the elastic (like a rubber band), then insert the hook into the elastic tensioner to give your fabric a little more tension as you wish around your side bars. The elastic cord will keep your fabric  stabilize and retain the tension on the sides.
PLEASE NOTE: You can choose from 7 different colors as well as number of tensioners included in your set. 

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