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This conversion silk pack contains 6 skeins: 1 each Scarlet, Chinese Red, Tiger Lily, Golden Ray, Gold Nuggets and Sunflower (for 36 count fabric). For lower count fabric such as 28/32 count, there will be an additional skein of Scarlet. Here is the conversion:

Dinky Dyes 254 Heartthrob -> FIBERLICIOUS Scarlet  x1 skein
Dinky Dyes 243 Chinese Red -> FIBERLICIOUS Chinese Red x1 skein
Dinky Dyes 246 Goldfish -> FIBERLICIOUS Tiger Lily  x1 skein
Dinky Dyes 49 Tropic Sunshine -> FIBERLICIOUS Golden Ray x1 skein
Dinky Dyes 247 Golden Poppy -> FIBERLICIOUS Gold Nuggets x1 skein
Dinky Dyes 112 Banksia -> FIBERLICIOUS Sunflower x1 skein



Phoenix Mandala Silk Pack

PriceFrom $24.00

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