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Made to order

One of a kind accessory case, 100% hand made from polymer clay, acrylic paint and mixed media. All little details are shaped and textured by hand. This special cases took intensive labor and a lot of care. Hope it will go to a warm and lovely home. Thank you for looking!

Materials: Polymer Clay, Peridot Gemstone, Rhinestone, Metal.
100% Handmade ! I made all the shapes etc by hand
Outer Measurements 3.9in x 2.5in x 0.84in (96mm x 60mm x 22mm) (Includes tin lip)
Inner Measurements 3.54in x 2.2in x 0.87in (90mm x 56mm x 22mm)
You can use this to keep your stitching accessories like scissor, thread conditioner, etc. It will make a great gift as well!

Mermaid Accessory Case - Original Clay Art