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Mermaids of the seasons Stich along


"Welcome to the Bella Filipina Designs’ very first SAL! We are so delighted to have you join us. This stitching event isn’t just an ordinary Stitch Along. It’s a stitching journey sending out our message of Hope and Joy in life through cross stitching. Each design is carefully and passionately created to express how exceptional each one of you are.

This is a 4-part SAL which will start on September 15, 2023. Succeeding charts will be sent every 15th of the month, the last will be on December 15, 2023."


Hello everyone!


As many anticipated, Fiberlicious Yummy Fibers and Bella Filipina Designs have collaborated this summer to bring to you a “four seasons” SAL featuring our beloved mythical creature: Mermaid.

This is a year in the making project that Drin has put in a lot of hard work and love into and we feel very lucky to have this opportunity to organize and present it to all of you. Yes, this SAL will be available to everyone across the globe so even if you’re not in the US, where we are, this SAL is still available to you. There will be options including PDF and add on materials (featured fabric, speciality threads and treasure beads). Add on materials are pre-order but since there are many things that are hard to obtain all at once in the same period of time, order directly from us might give you an earlier head start. Kits are only available in limited quantity so please act fast. Click HERE to preorder this SAL! Scroll down for the story behind this pattern and more information about the designer behind this SAL!


Since this is the first SAL by Bella Filipina Designs and the very first PDF release, we’d ask each and everyone of you to be diligent in handling the file strictly for your personal use only. Each file sent out will be embed with a code that associated with your account. If we find any of the file uploaded or shared illegally, we would be able to track who did it and will send them a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyrights Act) notice. If you found any illegal uploading or sharing, please inform us as well also we can take appropriate action. By doing so, we can protect our beloved designer from intellectual property thieves so he can continue design more beautiful patterns for us! Your kind cooperation is much appreciated!

The Story

In many cultures, the mermaid is a harbinger of good luck and happy times ahead while the seasons symbolize the integration of life's struggles and triumphs.


The seasonal mermaid conveys the message to appreciate the beauty of the moment and the cycle of growth, learning, evolving and thriving.


Each mermaid also symbolizes one season of the year: Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.


Here is a big teaser, as you started stitching, you will notice that each mermaid in this design shows different skin tones, a significant message that represents all people around the globe. 

By joining SAL, we stitchers join hands to make a difference to the world! So what are you waiting for?



- Aldrin Jay “Drin” C. Parilla, founder, owner and designer of the rising brand Bella Filipina Cross Stitch Designs (est. 2015).

- Growing up in Quezon City, the Philippines, Drin has always showed his interest in cross stitching and designing which brought him multiple awards from the local DMC competitions in 2013 and 2018.

- Bella Filipina Cross Stitch Designs is a young rising star in the cross stitching world. With almost 60 designs to date focusing on fancy ladies and mythical figures that showcasing the rich culture and heritage of its home country, Bella Filipina Cross Stitch Designs is indeed a rare gem that we need to treasure.

Let's show our support to Drin for more breathtaking designs to come! 

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